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Cui Bono?
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Gas prices up 53 cents from a year ago
By Jesus Sanchez, Times Staff Writer
2:01 PM PDT, March 12, 2007

California gasoline prices jumped above $3 a gallon for the first time this year, according to energy statistics released today.

The statewide average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gas hit $3.068, up 17.1 cents from the previous week and more than 53 cents above year-ago levels (emphasis added), according to the Energy Department's weekly gasoline station price survey.

The statewide price is not a record high but is well above normal levels for this time of year. California motorists were pumping some of the nation's most expensive gasoline, with the average pump price averaging $3.058 in Los Angeles and $3.184 in San Francisco.

Nationwide, pump prices also moved up, but not as steeply as in California. The nationwide average rose 5.4 cents a gallon during the past week to $2.559.

Fuel experts have blamed the recent price run-up on refinery and pipeline problems, strong oil prices, unusually high driver demand and the tricky annual change to less-polluting summer gasoline.
Non-experts and experts alike should ask, Cui bono? Who benefits from these grossly inflated oil prices? Shall we use a 4- or a 6-letter name? This time last year the prices hovered around $2.50. The past seven weeks have seen gas prices go up 5 cents per week, each week. Why haven't there been any informative articles in the press about "refinery and pipeline problems" and why do those problems happen just at the "tricky" annual change (trickier than last year?)? The last tricky I remember was a Dick and he got the boot.

And, I ask, what unusually high driver demand? Prove it, say I. And furthermore, I thought Daylight Saving Time was supposed to reduce the demand for energy...oh, right, that connection isn't supposed to be made. Now that DST is in effect, will prices go down? Hah!

Read/Post Comments (4)

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