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Knock Knock
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Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Irish who? [answer at bottom of entry]

Today dawned (I assume it was dawn; the sky lightened) cool and foggy and delightful. The air is always so sweet and calm on days like this. Very appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, I always think, since my memory of Ireland has a large foggy green component to it. The green of Ireland is so intense, it hurts your eyes to look at it for very long. You could get lost in it.

Today is Chauffeur Day. I take RT to various functions, errands, stuff. Mostly stuff. I bring a book to read--nothing too heavy--and/or a crossword puzzle. I tried Sudoku on one of these days, but I got so focused on it that I was cranky when disturbed. Not good for domestic bliss. (I choke on the phrase.)

It seems awfully early in the year, but I'm going through my closets, packing away the winter clothes and bringing out the summer clothes. We've had a week of summer temperatures and if I'm going to swelter, at least I could swelter in (relative) comfort.

While I was making the pot of breakfast coffee, I felt the urge to take everything off the shelves and clean and reorganize that part of the pantry. Must be spring! The nesting impulse is alive and well. The sap is rising; must go see if my services are required.

Speaking of relatives, I hear the clatter of a coffee cup downstairs and the scrape of a chair being pulled up to the table. Time to ready myself for whatever is required of me. I've already made up his meds for the week, so if I drop dead right now he's good for 7 days. Then he's on his own and good luck to him.

*Irish you a happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Read/Post Comments (2)

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