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Demean, Devalue, Denigrate
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This evening my SO described my church as a fraternity society, a social club. He said that we didn't really worship, and what did we mean when we used the word. He didn't see that there was anything spiritual or religious about us at all. This from a man who has never attended one of our services nor met any of our members, by choice.

It's true that my friends and community center mostly around my church. It's true that we abjure sexist and anthropomorphic references when speaking of god, or the universe or the spirit or whatever. It's also true that we are not a church with a creed (thou shalt believe this) but rather we are a covenantal church of seekers.

We ask questions. Though we don't have the answers, we do it with love, seeking truth, supporting the community and serving the world that nourishes us in return. And we agree (covenant) to do this with open minds, loving hearts and welcoming hands.

Worship comes from the same linguistic root as worth. We find certain ideas and values of worth, we respect the worth and dignity of all people. That is our form of worship. We ask questions and keep an open mind.

If he thinks we're a fraternity, then he can go to the nearest college campus and see the difference.

Well, enough of the rant. It's just another example of his demeaning, disparaging, devaluing and denigrating anything I find to be worthwhile or in which I have a particular skill. Same old, same old. He suckered me into a "discussion" during which I revealed some of my deepest beliefs. He then knew where to attack. I really should not get upset over it; this is a pattern of many years standing.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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