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It's that time again. We had weeks of warm weather. Then a day of rain (glorious!) and now warm weather again.

Scritch, scritch. Gnawwwwwww. The wee beasties are back and busy availing themselves of the feline and canine buffet hereabouts.

Jasmine, ever eager, to be part of whatever event is unfolding, snuffled and wagged her way to me while I got out the Frontline. "Is it for me? Can I help? What fun! Someone is paying attention to me."

When I got to the back end, the nose end wanted to follow and around and around we went, as I tried to part long shepherd/golden hair down to the skin and apply the flea killer. I am probably well protected, too, especially on my feet where it dripped.

The cats, viewing all this fuss with their usual disdainful air, scattered to the far corners and dark recesses when I turned my attention to them. No foolishness for them. "Do you think I want that icky stuff on my nice newly washed shiny coat? Lady, get real."

I will have to be crafty. Say around lunchtime, when I open a can of tuna for my tuna salad and my tuna fiends come running. Then I pounce upon a cat and ... uh, oh, I only have two hands. How do I hold cat, open tube, part fur down to the skin, hold squirming cat, apply medication? This calls for more thought....

Read/Post Comments (4)

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