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Lurkers, Uncloak Please!
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Just out of curiosity, I've been keeping record of the number of hits per day to this journal. The fewest number was 140; the highest 284.

Now, I'm assuming that each count of 1 equals a viewing from another person or an update (or viewing) from me. I check it two or three times a day, wondering if there have been any comments and to click through to Bloglines.

So who are you, you 100+ lurkers? I'd love to know who you are, just to say hello. If you don't want to leave a public comment, feel free to email me--the link is the last one in the list to your left.

Another topic: It was a beautiful day today. Quintessentially southern California. In the 70's, soft winds and gentle sunshine. The kind of weather that has brought people from the other states and from other countries to settle here.

I think the weather may also be responsible for the wonderful gardening this year. If every one of the currently marble-sized green tomatoes ripens this year, I'll have a bumper crop. And I'm already up to my knees in zucchini.

Jasmine and the cats are in the spring mode also, running around chasing fugitive squirrels and other critters and their own tails when nothing else is on offer. Right now Jasmine is snoring at my feet, worn out from her active day. She's no puppy any more, and a few minutes of chasing a tennis ball leaves her panting in the shade.

Work is moving along at a regular clip, but not frantic yet. The pace will pick up to its seasonal frenetic scurry in a short while, but for now things are relatively easygoing--busy but relaxed.

I'm grateful for days like these.

Read/Post Comments (10)

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