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ATLANTA (AP) — The globe-trotting American lawyer who caused an international public health incident by traveling while infected with tuberculosis has a less severe form of the disease than previously diagnosed, a federal health official said Tuesday. He is currently not in quarantine.

What about his wife? I assume she is taking the drugs prophylactically; still, there is a high risk of infection. Who would marry and go on a honeymoon, knowing that the person he loves the most (my assumption that it was a love match) he could infect with a deadly disease?

In all the stories I've read about him, not one mention of the wife. All the concern has been for the unsuspecting fellow airplane passengers.

I suppose there are mitigating circumstances, unknown to me. For one thing, he has multidrug resistant tb, not the extremely drug-resistant tb, so I guess that makes it all ok, and we should apologize and shut up.

His wife, I gather, is not under treatment, which means she is not infected (I guess). Does that mean she is not a carrier? What if she became pregnant during that overseas honeymoon? Would the fetus be at risk?

And his father-in-law works for the CDC, for heaven's sake!

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