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Waiting for the Other Shoe
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We're waiting for news as to the final allocation of resources and people (I refuse to go along with the current fad for considering staff and employees as "human resources" as if they were just items in a data entry). The insecurity could tear the building from its foundations; the stress has caused at least one of my young coworkers to burst into tears, to his intense mortification.

I'm glad I'm an old lady. I've seen lots of these restructurings and cutbacks and slash-and-burn reorganizations. We always recover and the most resilient people find possibilities in what seem to be the worst eventualities. Still, though, the little comfortable rut was nice while it lasted and I wouldn't have objected to its continued existence.

The weather has been cooperating, too. It has been gorgeous, though a tad too warm for my tastes in the early afternoon. Tomatoes are flourishing, the cats are on the prowl for absent-minded rodents and catchable praying (or is it preying?) mantises. The dog, of course, is busy catching Z's.

I gave blood yesterday (O Neg, they love to see me proffer my arm) and have been a bit languid and lacking in energy today. Tomorrow, however, I should be back to normal, and just as antsy as everyone else to hear the news at work.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, with taking SO to his meeting after work, then a hasty bite or two for sustenance, and a meeting in the evening of my own. Oh, and did I mention we're doing a birthday luncheon at work? Four (4) of my coworkers have their birthdays this week. I'm providing salad (with tomatoes, of course). And inbetween all of that we may learn at last what is to be our fate for the foreseeable future.

Must mean something to the Universe, but I don't know what.

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