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Questions Asked on Cruise Ship
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Top Ten Silliest Questions Asked on a Cruise Ship

10. Do these steps go up or down?

9. What do you do with the beautiful ice carvings after they melt?

8. Which elevator do I take to get to the front of the ship?

7. Does the crew sleep on the ship?

6. Is this island completely surrounded by water?

5. Does the ship make its own electricity?

4. Is it salt water in the toilets?

3. What elevation are we at?

2. To the photographer on board who takes photos and displays them the next day, this question is asked: If the pictures aren't marked, how will I know which ones are mine?

1. What time is the Midnight Buffet being served?

I must confess, I don't think 4 and 5 all that silly. How does the cruise ship power all those lights, motors and the electrical parts of the engines? And yes, do the toilets use salt water? I would expect so, but maybe salt water is too corrosive.

The other questions, however,...

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