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Labor Day 2007
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I've been thinking. I've been thinking that maybe it's not such a good idea to reflect on the past; such reflection can detract from the joys of the present. Case in point: Today is Labor Day. I have been working full-time (or, in my youth two part-time jobs) to support friends (hippie roommates or out of work boyfriends) or family (mother, husband, daughter) for 49 years as of this September.

I left home at 16 to go to college, with $200 in my wallet and a $3500 tuition bill (Stanford in the early 60's). I don't remember the additional cost for room and board. I've been working ever since.

Forty nine years. They weigh on me. They oppress my spirit. That's 49 years of hauling my ass out of bed every single day, sleepwalking through morning ablutions, getting into the 'right' clothes, and going to work for the man.

Forty nine effing years and no end in sight.

BUT before I get too morose, I remind myself that I have a job, relatively good health, a roof over my head, plenty to eat, shelves of books, and my beloved dog. That's a whole lot more than a huge percentage of the planet's population can even dream about.

So I'm grateful for what I have and what I am able to accomplish. I'll ignore the fact that I'm tired and carry on.



I think maybe it's the heat getting to me. It "cooled down" to 82 degrees last night. 109 predicted high today and the humidity is (gasp) 45%.

My friend-in-fur and I go out each afternoon after work to romp in the sprinklers--and if I should happen to get wet, too, what a bonus!

I take life's pleasures, great and small, where I find them.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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