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A Lifetime in a Suitcase
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My friends and I have been having a conversation that has spanned several years. The topic revolves around the question of what you take with you if you have to flee.





We've had our share of all of the above and many of us have had to decide what to take and what to consign to the fates.

First, my dog and my cats. Yes, I know that officials have recommended that they be left at home with several days' food and water. No way. I could not bear the thought of Jasmine and Callie and Misty being roasted alive in an inferno or slowly drowned while swimming for their lives until they were too tired to continue, all the time trusting that I will return in time to save them. They look to me for nurturance and support. I will not abandon them.

After the earthquake, I bundled the friends-in-fur into the car and when motels wouldn't let me bring in my pets, I kept them in the car and made visits to them throughout the night. Note to self: put dog leash and chain in car.

Second, my purse. A lot of what I would need to negotiate the world is already in my purse--money, glasses, identification, cell phone, and so on.

Third, I have a box of important papers (birth certificate, dog license, list of account numbers, marriage license) to take with me. The box measures 12" by 12" by 18" and would give me the means whereby to re-establish accounts, access sites needing passwords, etc.

Fourth, medications. None of the 3 meds I take is vital to my immediate survival, but all are important to my long-term health. And the bottles have the dosage/doctor identification.

Fifth, comfortable shoes. When we had the earthquake, I had to leave my company car at one point and walk quite a distance to do my disaster relief duties for the organization I work for. I found myself wishing that I had been smart enough to keep a comfortable pair of walking shoes in the car--who cares about dress standards at a time like that? I did have jeans and a tee shirt to change into but I still had to wear shoes which were more appropriate to office duties than field assignments.

Fifth, something to remember my mother by. I don't expect to be able to scoop up all the photos and books, but I will take a piece of jewelry she left me (a Navajo silver and turquoise necklace)--small and easily portable.

Sixth, all the bottled water in the house. The last thing you need is Montezuma's revenge in the middle of a disaster area. I can go quite a while without food, but water is essential. I keep bottled water in the car as part of the standard emergency kit (along with a first aid kit), but I would grab extra water from the kitchen cupboard.

And you, my friends, what would you take?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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