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Singing Tenor
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Our musical situation has resulted in an odd position for me: I'm singing tenor for some of our performances, especially when tenors are needed as soloists.

I started out as a first soprano when I was in my early teens, but as my voice matured, it was clear my range was going to be second soprano.

And so it was for many years, until this group of singers I now have joined clearly needed help in the alto section. Not so much for a strong voice, as for someone who can read music, stay on key, and keep the beat. The fruits of a musical education.

So the choir director positioned me between the altos and the sopranos and I sang whichever part needed the help.

Then last week only one tenor appeared for choir practice--it must be open season on tenors. If I relax my vocal chords I can do tenor fairly well; I certainly can do the parts that overlap with alto and help out on the high tenor parts. As for low E--well, I fake it.

So, much to my surprise, I'm singing tenor this coming Sunday. We had to rearrange the seating/standing positions once again, so that I don't have to move my body, just my voice. It's quite an experience to sing a part that forms the "ground" for the high twittering sopranos and mellow altos.

No, bass is out of the question.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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