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Friday a Remarkable Day
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Friday was pretty intense and I was too tired at the end of the day to set down in words what was whirling around in my brain in images, memories, thoughts.

Two of my colleagues have retired. Yesterday, Friday, was their last day at work. One did not want her retirement known or acknowledged as a Big Deal, so I bid her good bye and god speed privately. She's moving to London! She had to be at LAX 3 hours after she left work, so she was all packed and ready. She submitted her retirement papers on her last day.

The other colleague is someone I have known and admired for many years. We had a luncheon; we said good bye. I hope the Amazon gift certificate will include many interesting and exciting books. The whole family is moving to Ventura, which is not so far away.

The general sentiment expressed was an admiration for the employee's work ethic and extensive job knowledge.

Please, please, dear Universe. Please let me be remembered for my caring heart and my sense of humor--and not for my work ethic. If that's *all* you could think to say of me, that I came to work every day and was a hard worker (which is true), I would be deeply saddened.

I'm thankful for the Internet. We can keep in touch--share news, exchange jokes, commiserate or rejoice on the current state of affairs in the world, talk about what's happening in our lives--at the touch of a button. It's truly a small world after all.

In the evening our Small Group met, as we do every second and fifth Friday evening (we need a snazzy name for ourselves). One person complained that the group discussion wasn't "spiritual" enough, which got us started on what the heck does "spiritual" mean, anyway? A study of ghosts and nighttime terrors? Angels floating up in heaven? We had an interesting discussion, though "spiritual" wasn't supposed to have been the topic. Oh, well, I'm very laissez-faire as a facilitator.

Which means we never know where we're going with a topic, but it will be interesting, even if we never get anywhere to a conclusion. I think it's my early grounding as a Quaker that I want to let people speak as the spirit moves them...which leads back to what is one's "spirit" , anyway?

See what I mean?

Read/Post Comments (4)

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