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Fascination With Procrastination
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In my neurotic dread of procrastination, I push myself to start all projects immediately--often several at once--and then drive myself into exhaustion trying to finish them before a deadline, one usually imposed by an onrushing holiday (with guests) or the necessity of returning to work on Monday or a need to be firstest with the mostest.

I am discovering the joy, the fascination even, of procrastination. I had a project due today--well, in reality due yesterday. But no one nagged me yesterday about it and so I was able to take a leisurely morning approach to it today. By ignoring the deadline, I lowered my stress level and guess what--the company did not declare bankruptcy, I wasn't fired and the customer evidently hasn't even noticed.

What was I so all-fired anxious about? Putting things off isn't so bad, after all. No voice from the heavens, declaring me an Evil Person and no cut in my pay.

I may learn the joys of relaxed work schedules in my old age. Who knows?

Thanks for the picture, Mr. Sagittarius!

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