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Politics on My Mind
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While it's tempting to lay all of the blame at the feet of George W. Bush (who abused every executive branch power real and imagined), the fact is that he couldn't have done it without the complicity of the Republican Congress which did so much damage while they were in the majority.

And, it seems to me, with the inability of the Democratic majority since 2006, for Congress to stand up and take back our country. Empowered by Bush's veto threats, Republican lawmakers rejected Democratic efforts to wind down the war, impose taxes on the wealthy to offset middle-class tax cuts, roll back tax breaks on oil companies to help promote renewable energy and conservation, and greatly expand federal health care for children.

Are we starting the slow, inexorable slide towards tyranny and corporate control--or will we remember our roots and regain our heritage? It's going to be difficult. Everywhere we turn, the offices have been packed with the current administration's toadies.

Any effort to clean house will be met with charges of politically motivated retribution. In my opinion, the only way to extract the incompetent and biased and criminal from their sinecures will be by independent commissions to review Congressional as well as Executive actions. The more sunshine, the better. [Except for the Supreme Court, which is beyond any change of personnel except death.]

We can hope for a Democratic sweep and for an intelligent management of the mess left by the Bush regime.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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