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It's REALLY Winter
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It dropped down to freezing last night. The sun has been up for an hour or so, bright in a cloudless sky, and with much huffing and puffing, the thermometer has struggled up to 40 degrees.

Yes, my friends, winter is here. The whole of Christmas Day we could hear winds howling outside and most of us did not stick a nose outside (dog excepted and she did her business in record time). This morning I ventured out to feed the outdoor cat and nearly froze my noze and tozies. Brrrrh! We southern Californians are not used to freezing winds.

I went back inside and put on a fleece vest and then was quite comfortable to go back out. The outdoor cat (lives in the garage) complained mightily. He complains about everything --it's too hot, too cold, rain, wind, whatever-- so I don't take him too seriously. Maybe he's just talking about the weather, much like this entry. My daughter named him BMW (bitch, moan, and whine). We call him Max, since he's a Manx (how original).

The other cats zipped outside, did whatever cats do outside, and raced back inside, headed for the cat tree and the tasty morsels placed in various containers. Spouse spoils them terribly. I have been known to slip a bit of dinner to an importunate cat, as well.

Jasmine, on the other hand, is far too big and given to rambunctious behavior, to be allowed any such leeway. She sits or lies down patiently waiting for her after dinner treat. Much like spouse, who is sitting at the dinner table when I get home, obviously waiting for the food to appear.

I'm off to brave the after Christmas crowd at the CVS pharmacy to buy a few necessities. Some things can be procrastinated upon only just so long. Wouldn't it be nice if they would magically appear on the doorstep, as does dinner for spouse on the table?

Read/Post Comments (7)

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