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Live and Learn (or not)
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So the spouse asked me if I were pleased with Clinton's win over Obama, that the polls showed that Hillary was the overwhelming favorite of little old ladies. (The man has no tact.)

I said that I could understand women of my generation, remembering the days of Women's Liberation and the times when a woman couldn't get credit in her own name, nor have dreamed of being President, wanting to vote for a woman in the White House.

He said she was the Democratic candidate to vote for, because she has the experience. And she's an "extremely bright lady".

I asked if experience were the criterion for choosing a candidate.

He said yes, that's why he voted for Nixon.

He voted for Bush I.

He voted for Bush II.

Why? They had experience in the ways of dealing with politicians and getting things done.

Spouse is a registered Democrat, so he can't vote for McCain in the primary, but if he is the Republican candidate in November, McCain will get his vote. Irish, Vietnam vet and experienced on Capitol Hill.

When I asked about Obama, spouse said he doesn't have the experience in politics. Look at Kennedy. He was inexperienced and his inexperience got us into the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missle Crisis. Having laudable personal qualities is not enough.

Good thing I have laryngitis. All I could do was sit there and listen. Never know who's really living with you, do you?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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