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Intelligent Design
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Christian fundamentalists who believe that the earth was created in six days, is only 6,000 years old and hold other religious myths are themselves proof positive that Intelligent Design is NOT a valid viewpoint.

I'm sick and tired of having to put on the tolerant face and pretend such people are sane when they announce, perfectly seriously, the "truth" of the 6-day, 6,000-year-old nonsense and declare that dinosaurs and humans coexisted because the Large Sky Person created them all at the same time.

It's either ignorance or insanity, or both.

The facts prove that the above is NOT a valid scientific theory and therefore, it should not be taught in schools. People who hold such views, show up at a School Board meeting, and demand that this mythology be taught to our children should be asked politely to be silent, or leave.

How else would you treat someone who is delusional or uneducated (or both)?

Read/Post Comments (6)

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