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Thinking About Stuff
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Think about photosynthesis. Water, Carbon Dioxide, Sunlight, chlorophyll -- the process that sustains (nearly) all life on this planet.

You want a miracle? Look. It's all around you.


I think what bothers me most about the God-thing is the anthropomorphic aspect. People pray to God and talk about God as if God had a gender (He or She) and a body (He speaks to me) and had very people-like emotions (gets angry, forgives, etc.) A Big Guy in the Sky who knows all, sees all, created the universe, etc.

My own view is much more vague, because I think that human language has no words for the Other with which we are One. One in the spirit, One with the Universe. That sort of thing. But every time I use words, I'm conscious that I am making it lesser, paring it down to the things that I can conceptualize....so, in the end, I am left with no words at all.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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