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Schedule, Re-Schedule, Re-Re-Schedule Ad Nauseum
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Something unknown to us jurors but explained to us as terrible and urgent has caused us to be sent back to work for a few days.

So I'm getting ready for work right now.

And cancelling all the appointments for next week and the week after and re-scheduling them, in case, just in case.

Everything that emerges as a possible meeting, appointment, commitment, I'm saying, "Maybe...if I can...whatever."

I hate it. I really, sincerely, dislike being jerked around, even though I accept the fact that "manure occureth" on occasion and I have to adjust.

Even more, I dislike having to re-schedule other people, because their time is valuable, too, and I'm sure the effect ripples outward. A butterfly flaps its wings and all that.

One amazing step forward is that the Court has an email address as well as a telephone number and we can keep in touch by means of more than one modality. It was a surprise to all of us, sitting there with our cell phones, laptops and blackberrys stashed away in pockets, purses and bags. The 20th century has arrived in the courtroom, at last.

Next step virtual attendance at trial?

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