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How does my garden grow?
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I'm so glad you asked.

The tomatoes are 12" to 18" tall (one has zoomed to 2' and I'm not quite sure why). They are loaded with blossoms. The cats like to hide behind them and look mysterious. Or they're looking for the lizards that live in the woodpile and bask on the garden wall, I'm not sure.

I also found a volunteer tomato in one of the unused planters. I don't know what variety it is--the leaves are different from the ones in the garden proper--if you look at the leaves, at a quick glance you might almost think it was a marijuana leaf: long, narrow, deeply notched.

One sniff of the greenery would definitely convince you of its nightshade heritage, however. You know I checked. My neighbors smoke and I wouldn't put it past them to put a "volunteer" in my planter. (Gee, how did that get there?)

I've also planted an heirloom varietal tomato I found wilting in the sun at my local hardware store. It was all by itself and bound to die without a bit of water and some TLC. Of course I bought it. It revived nicely and has put out some fresh greenery. No blossoms yet (nor the volunteer either; both got a late start).

The green beans just sit there and sneer. You think we're going to grow? Hah. And hah again. I've about run out of patience with them. They got about 3" to 4" high and then quit growing.

The only other plant is an eggplant. Not sure why I'm growing it, except that it was one of my favorites in India. Easy to grow and yummy to eat, sauteed in a bit of olive oil. With tomatoes. And onions. And garlic--how could I forget garlic?

'Scuse me. Time to go make dinner.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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