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Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday I spent paying homage to the god of porcelain bowls.

I haven't had dysentery in (cough, cough) years and I hope an equal number of years pass before I have it again.

Fever, chills so bad my muscles locked up, stiff neck and the afore-mentioned homage.

I went through a case of water in four days, finally feeling well enough, as each cycle was less severe, to start the BRATT regimen (banana, rice, apple(sauce), toast and tea).

Nurse dog never left my side. I know, because I kept tripping over her during every mad dash to the bathroom. I've never had a dog quite like her. When I finally felt well enough to stagger into the kitchen where her water bowl and food bowl reside, she ate and drank like a camel which has spent a month in the desert. She had never left my side during that whole ordeal.

I'm going to miss her a lot when she's gone.

Feeling better today, well enough to go to work. The weekend? What weekend? Somebody stole my weekend. I've been robbed!!

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