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An Ethical Dilemma
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On the one hand, I believe in respect for all living things, supporting the interdependent web of life.

On the other hand, I hold that respect for women, pregnant, who may choose whether or not to bring a child to term or to abort a fetus.

If I support a woman's right to an abortion, am I violating my respect for all beings? If I deny her that right, and force her to bear a child, I am disrespecting her.

My compromise has been to say that there is a point in the pregnancy when a fetus has become a child, and at that point it becomes murder to abort, unless the child is so badly damaged that it is not really human (I have worked with special education children who are in that category and many times have wondered if there was even intelligent life in that body).

Once it is born, we must do all in our power to help it survive and thrive. But before that, during gestation, there is a 'switchover' point from a mindless mass of cells to a prenatal human. That is the guideline, in my mind, between acceptable abortion on the one hand and murder of a sentient being on the other.

For me, from the moment of the first kick, there was no option but to go forward with my pregnancy, all doubts were removed. I don't know if that is the medically accepted time, but for me, that was the moment when my child came to life.

I'd be interested to read your thoughts.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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