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Eulogy for a Laptop
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Husband went a-surfing and ended up with nasty virus/trojan horse/whatever on his desktop computer. Stymied in his search for a virus killer, he took my desktop downstairs to his computer room and proceeded to trash that one, too.

Upstairs to use my laptop. And, by damn, didn't he do it to that computer, as well. Can you say slow learner?

I will take it to a professional, in hopes of resuscitation, resurrection or reincarnation. If successful, I will put a password on the operating system. The man cannot resist the lure of "something for nothing" schemes from South Africa, Nigeria or wherever. He has never seen a strange email sender id that he hasn't opened, to his computer's detriment.

And then he cracks open the cases of the desktops, in hopes maybe of finding a live demon to conquer? I don't know, but the end result is this plugged incorrectly into that, the other thing corrupted, and in general it's a complete mess (using the polite term); fubar is what my father would have said.

Result: the house is computer graveyard. I'm in mourning.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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