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Polls and Cell Phones
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Polls are taken by (landline) telephones and are used to judge the current level of opinions on everything from the efficacy of soap granules vs liquid soap to the preferences of voters for the next leader of our country.

But approximately 16 percent of households do not have landlines; they are exclusively served by cell phones. Most pollsters do not call cell phone numbers during their surveys.

According to MSNBC, cell users are likelier to be younger, lower income and minorities*. Pollsters routinely weight, or adjust, their data so it accurately reflects the age, race and other demographic features of the entire population. But if cell phone users are excluded, is the weighting process inaccurate?

If this same demographic favors the Democratic candidate and the Democratic party platform, then the results are skewed.

*Since I fit into none of these attributes, yet I do not have a landline--cell phone only, I'm glad to say that I serve as the token employed middle-class old white lady (OWL). My mission is to keep my workplace and the other categories of life integrated. There are not many of us.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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