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Happy Talk
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If you were to ask me, "Are you happy?" I'd answer in the affirmative. I am happy; I enjoy life; I find pleasure every day in the beauty and love around me.
My co-workers call me a pollyanna, because in every situation I try to find the other person's side, see it through her/his eyes. And because I'm focused pretty consistently on liking what I do, finding meaning and purpose in my life's work.

Though my positive attitude annoys them, in the same breath they will say that I'm a good person and that they are glad I'm part of the group. I think I annoy them because my attitude shines a light onto some pretty dark attitudes and hateful speech. It's not so much that I defend the person being attacked as that I bring up possible extenuating circumstances, trying to walk in the other person's moccasins.

I know that the culture of service, joy and love is a major reason for my choice of church (UU). I make myself go every Sunday, even when I could find excuses to stay at home, because I know that the love and mutual support and wonderful companionship will lift my spirits and renew my faith.

I can't believe I'm writing about going to church, since organized religion has been a lifelong aversion for me. But I found this one community, where I am challenged to think about my beliefs and accepted for who I am in toto and it has been a terrific experience.

I can think of only one really negative person in the congregation, and she doesn't come to church much. Too bad. Some happiness might rub off on her.
Home situation is different. I'm married to a person who wallows in negative thinking, self-pitying martyrdom and self-defeating practices. It's a real downer. Unhappiness and negativity are contagious, too, and I struggle against them sometimes.

I'm sure that having a positive outlook on life has helped me to stay in good health and the reverse is true for him. Just thinking...there are several 90-year-olds in my church group, and I am convinced that one reason they live so long is the joyous, positive ambiance of the church and the ethos of love and service and fellowship.

I think you could say happiness is like a virus; it travels via social connections.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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