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Gradual Change
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I perceive what's happening with me as a gradual change. I am morphing into an alternate view. It's analagous to the change that happened when I realized that people like me, that I wasn't perceived by them the same way my crazy antisocial mother was. My whole worldview shiften then, and it is altering now, in a similar way.

People seek out my company. They tell me that after spending time with me they feel happier, lighter, more hopeful about themselves and the world.

People seek out my opinions. When forming an answer or responding to an event, my friends turn to me for my take on the situation.

People follow my example. If I pitch in to help, if I deem a cause worthy to add my voice or efforts to, I find them alongside me, having caught up to add their actions to mine.

People look to me for leadership. The sky is falling. Where shall we go? No, the sky is not falling, just a few unpleasant events. We shall get through this. We'll just go on our way then, kthnxbye.

It's a new role for me. In the past, for many years, I was always on the periphery, a voice in the wildnerness. I'm gradually shifting to the center, the focal point. It's not particularly scary, but there is a bit of balancing to be done and a lot of honesty and support. I'm being much more careful to speak and act responsibly.

Once an ugly duckling, an outsider, but now....

Read/Post Comments (3)

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