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This was one of the most pleasant days of the year. The weather was cool with a high overcast, but no rain.

In the morning I did laundry and then went to church early. We've decided we need a Sunday morning sexton, and it's just the job for me. The sanctuary is mostly empty. I turn on the lights, the heat (or a/c), the gobo, the sound system.

I straighten the chairs and pick up trash and make sure the hymnals are distributed where they're needed.

I light the candles, putting one on the table where other people will light candles for remembrance, prayer or loved ones.

I put out water for the speaker and make sure the pulpit area is straightened up. Sometimes the candelabra candles or the chalice candle have to be replaced.

It's a time of service for me, turning the sanctuary from its everyday uses as a meeting place for committees, al-anon and other groups into a worshipful place for Sunday. Being of service is my form of yoga and this volunteer position is an opportunity for me to perform it.

After church I stopped at Arrow Nursery to pick up tomato plants. After last year's disaster with the tomato garden, I was discouraged and came close to giving up. But, ever the optimist, I bought six plants and put them in the ground today. Maybe this summer won't be so hot and the tomatoes will bear fruit.

I love working in the garden. That, too, feels to me like a form of worship and the time passes too quickly before it's time to go in and start making dinner.

After dinner I reviewed the refinance documents. They all seem in order, no surprises, though I do have one question to ask tomorrow before I put them in the mail. I don't have to refinance my house, but if it goes through, I could be certain about retirement (as it stands now, it's "maybe" retirement).

It will be as it will be. I've done my best. Thank you, O Universe, for a beautiful and holy Sunday.

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