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Our household still has three kitties:

Misty (short for Artemis), a long haired, gray (with gray nose) female. Very cuddly, but is brash about using her claws when kneading your lap. Artemis would be a lap cat, if she could just learn to relax a bit.

Callie (short for Calliope), sister to Misty, but where Misty is long-haired, Callie's is short and velvety. She is gray and white and loud all over. There's no surreptitious tip-toeing into the house at midnight with her around! She doesn't like being picked up or held, because she wasn't properly socialized as a kitten.

They dislike each other intensely. Misty was too boisterous when they were young, and when Callie reached her full growth and paid Misty back in spades, the relationship deteriorated into mutual loathing. Luckily, they have a large house in which to ignore each other.

Max (short for Maximillian) is a Manx male and because he never learned proper indoor etiquette regarding certain male activities (even though he has been neutered), he has been relegated to the position of outdoor cat. Sort of. He lords it over the garage and the shed, which would provide housing for any number of cat visitors, were he to be more hospitable.

Lately there has been a visitor, gender unknown, white with a bit of tan shadowing, who flits from pillar to gate to side of house. The most you see is the last of the tail or an ear and whisker edging slowly into sight. Gender unknown. I don't know if she is a stray or has just moved into the neighborhood. We'll see.

Nor could I forget to mention Cookie, the beautiful male tortoiseshell who lives next door. His humans work for a film studio--they are often off on location--so their animals (two large dogs, a beautiful bird and Cookie) come and go. It's pretty lively over there when they're home. Cookie is very friendly and clearly recognizes me. He comes over the wall for pets and conversation whenever he's in town.

And that's the roster of the kitties.

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