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Communication: Email or ?
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I like email. It's my preferred mode of communication after F2F (face-to-face), which is, of course, the primary and still the best way to communicate, IMHO.

If I can't see and talk to the person in real time, I much prefer email to telephone, twitter, snail mail or smoke signals.

Why email? I can review what I've written, select just the best word, embed pictures or graphics and send it when I choose. I can save the draft of the message and meditate on it; I get the issue off my mind (it's in the email), but I don't send it precipitately but only after due consideration (this is for email sent as a result of a conflict or misunderstanding).

Further, I type much more accurately and faster than I can write by hand. The words just seem to flow through my fingertips onto the keyboard. I learned to touch type when I was 15, and the skill has been kept alive, thanks to the computer.

Writing this journal is something like email. I can review and edit it ad lib; I can use whatever vocabulary springs to mind and you have the opportunity to google it, if you want to, instead of trying to look as though you understand me--I get that look all the time.

The only thing that baffles me: is it "email" or "e-mail"? Inquiring minds want to know....

Which mode of communication do you prefer?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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