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Instant Addiction
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I bought catnip today. I was in the Petsmart store, buying "Pet Stop" a spray to keep pets away from forbidden areas. I felt so guilty about being so negative, that I bought some loose leaf catnip in a plastic container, just to show that I'm not an anti-feline ogre.

I took it home and gave each cat a pinch. Max started drooling, ate it off the ground and then began rolling around in the spot where I dropped it.

Callie (Calliope) ate her portion and promptly fell asleep.

Misty (Artemis) ate hers, rolled around, did backward somersaults, and has been following me around loudly demanding more. I had just put the lid on and put it back on the shelf, when she jumped up, pawed the container to the floor, and tried to pry the lid off.

I could hear her bemoaning the fact that she lacks opposable thumbs.

I've got an addict on my hands. I'll have to lock up the good stuff.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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