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Eric mentions having a cat on your lap as part of the environment. I do miss that--my cats are loving and companionable, but not lap cats. A few ear scritches and they jump off, ready for further adventures elsewhere. I miss the heavy warmth of a purring cat.

And I miss the dog leaning against my leg or draped across my feet. She used to love to lick my bare foot (clean or not), rather the way she'd lick a puppy, then put her paw across it for safekeeping. It's a strange feeling to have one foot wet and the other one dry.

I was affirming that I don't drink (well, the very occasional glass of Merlot) and I don't smoke and I don't do drugs, when I realized with a bit of amusement that I do drugs after all--coffee. I would be sorely afflicted by withdrawal symptoms were I to be deprived of my morning coffee, and I might even be induced to tell someone my secret nickname just to get my daily caffeine.


I have eleven supervisors working for me and I've done the prep reports (comprehensive meta-analyses) for ten of them. Today is Friday and all I have left is the least difficult of the bunch. I should be able to knock it out in no time (famous last words). Next week I get into detail micro-analysis for each one.

Yesterday (bring your son/daughter to work day) I didn't get as much done as I normally do because employees kept bringing their offspring to my office and I--once a teacher, always a teacher--was inspired to drop everything and explain what I do. Perfect timing, since the current analyses require maps and charts, perfect for "show and tell."

The weather's turned coolish again (the Universe is kind). The big tomatoes all seem to have survived unscathed (several marble-sized green tomatoes on the vines) but the hanging cherry tomato dropped all its blossoms.

I've started gathering stuff for this summer's trip. I'm as excited as ever--I love to travel. And a compatible companion to boot. Thanks to my companion, and to the Great Spirit. Or the Universe. Or the Spirit of Life. Or ... pick your own name.

Well, back to work. This was a nice break, but time to find that grindstone and put my shoulder to it whilst keeping my eye on the ball. Now where's that mark I'm supposed to toe?

Read/Post Comments (4)

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