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Tomatoes, etc.
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The tomatoes have recovered nicely from the earlier heat wave. The blossoms that opened during that time did not set fruit, but my plants have a whole new crop of blossoms plus earlier sets, now becoming real tomatoes, albeit still green. I could have planted some in the front yard as ornamentals, so many yellow blossoms there are.

The two melon plants are just getting their first real leaves, poking out from the center of the seed leaves.

I hope Norm remembers to water them when I'm gone on vacation. If not, oh, well, another year.

Whatever variety that "volunteer" tomato is (still unknown), I'm saving seeds from it for future gardens. It's amazingly hardy and prolific. If all the sets on it mature into fruit, I'll be giving tomatoes to the entire neighborhood.

I moved the big heavy couch last night to get at the electrical outlets behind it (why are electric outlets always so inconveniently placed)? I don't move the couch often because it is a monster, teak wood and upholstery.

I found two toys that Jasmine used to love (one of them a tennis ball of course) and a generous sampling of dog fluff. I still miss the big grin, wet nose and gently waving tail greeting me at the door each afternoon. It's been six months. Is there another dog in my future?

Another day to work late. This has been a rough week.

[Just got a nice compliment: Visitor to the office commented that I look about 50. Probably was erring on the side of flattery, but even so....]

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