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Sleep Deprivation and Good News
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There have been four kills in three days: three mice and a bird. Actually, two of the mice (all are brought in at 3 a.m.) have been alive and seemingly unhurt and I suspect one of them is still at large. Much meowing and bumping and running and squeaking make for little sleep.

Callie's method is to jump onto the bed, mouse in mouth, and then release her captive, which promptly scuttles under my bedclothes. I just as promptly remove myself from said bed and begin to try to corral the prey and the predator.

Not at my best at that time of the morning, needless to say.

The shortage of sleep during the last three days is beginning to tell on me. I find myself yawning at my desk and mentally drifting, in between crises and emergencies. The latest of which is a pending job action by another branch of my company.

I'm a Teamster. I don't cross picket lines. In the past, I've had to have the union 'splain it to my management.

They keep trying, though, because I possess the legal qualifications for the position where the people are going out on strike. But I'm not in that position anymore, and I'm a Teamster. I don't cross picket lines. Why is that so hard to understand / remember?

I think the lack of sleep is making me cranky.

On another topic: I got my passport in yesterday's mail. I'm so excited. It's much classier than the passport I had nearly 40 years ago, with pictures on the pages for visas and quotations at the top of the page. Maybe they want us to become homesick when we look at it (especially those who have been abroad for a length of time).

I've also started packing my bag and making my list of things to do/things to pack. I've researched how to get to LAX from my home, and now to keep busy and look forward to the end of July. A vacation! A real vacation!! I can hardly believe it.

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