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SO and I watched "Borat" via Netflix last night.

I'd like to say it was forgettable (because I'd just like to put it out of my mind), but images from the film keep popping into my head.

Full of rage and loathing. Stuffed with stereotypes that weren't funny. The Ugly American in reverse.

I liked the driving instructor scene the best, probably because of my personal work experiences. I got a kick out of the way the instructor just kept his cool, no matter how outrageous Borat became.

The last movie we watched before "Borat" was "Charlotte's Web", equally replete with stereotypical characters and situations. I loved the book (read it to every class) and was disappointed by the movie (except for Templeton, who was perfect).

"Borat" went beyond disappointment. It was awful. An hour and 20 minutes of anger on film. Enough, already.

I'm open to suggestions for our next Netflix. I'm not choosing very well on my own.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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