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My Own Air Conditioning. Today is the triple digit temperature day that was nudged into existence from yesterday. I cleaned the air conditioner filter and uncovered the unit (it's a window unit) and I'm ready for the heat.

Yesterday it was hot enough that my MS flared up. I ached all over when I went to bed. I couldn't sleep, though it had cooled down a bit by then, and I excoriated myself for being so lazy that I hadn't set up the A/C. First thing in the morning, I promised myself, and so it was.

Still ache this morning, more twinges and twangs, than anything else. An ibuprophen and I'm off to do my usual Sunday morning sexton stint at church, talk to all my friends, touch base with my inner serenity and faith, and then on to do battle with the forces of disorder and dearth. Not to mention entropy.

Only one room needs to be cool (has comfortable chair and lamp and bed). It's my refuge when the weather turns nasty. Batty--I'd trade you for your freezing temps any day!

Here come the cats into the coolth. Not stupid, they.

P.S. Isn't it interesting how many words there are in English for criticism or censure?

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