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Productive Day
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Normally I come home and refuse to think about work, but today is an exception.

I'm glowing with the pleasure of having had a very productive day. It involved numbers of this and locations of that and all of the totals had to tally up.

Where the counts were not in synch, I had to research the problem from last year's data, through the events of this year, and then contact the supervisor in question and negotiate an adjustment.

It all went pretty well and by 3 p.m. I had everything in alignment, all of the "horsetrading" done and a final printout on my boss's desk at 3:30.

There wasn't time to start another major portion of the preparations for the new startup, so he let me go home half an hour early (I get off at 4 when things are "normal" whatever that is).

I stopped by my optometrist's office and picked up my spare pair of glasses for the trip (just 10 days!) and swooped past Starbuck's for a espresso frappucchino and came home to importunate cats and a (relatively) cool house.

The Kindle battery is completely depleted, so I'm recharging it now. I've learned my lesson about batteries--discharge them completely (or almost) before re-charging, lest they develop a reset minimum level at the point where you usually recharge and will register as empty even though there's supposed to be more "juice" available.

I made that mistake with my laptop, keeping it plugged into power all the time, and now the battery won't last more than an hour on its own. I bought a new one which I will install and "exercise" more frequently, to keep it healthy.

Had peppered smoked salmon for dinner. Gave the skin to the cats. You'd think they had never had fish before, with all the sniffing and licking and nosing across the plate. Eventually they decided it was good stuff and with only a little bit of possessive growling (mine! don't touch!) they polished off every shred of it. I liked it, but thought it was a bit too salty.

Ten days. I'm getting nervous. Have I forgotten anything important??

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