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Today and Tomorrow Creeps in this Petty Pace...
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Things are coming together nicely. Yesterday we cleaned out a closet and cupboard here at work, because we needed storage for payroll documents. Just like at home, the closets and cupboards around here collect flotsam, broken chairs and decades-old printouts and out of service vacuum cleaners. Stuff.

My boss is a master of the clean out and organize campaign, and everything was done neatly and in good order. We now have a storage area fit to find something. In the process we came across a bag abandoned by an employee who was terminated and who then left in a huff, leaving everything behind except her purse.

Once I cleaned out the mummified remains of a lunch, partially used cosmetics, work reports stuffed into corners and all sorts of junk, the bag itself turned out to be a perfect carryon. I asked if we could contact the employee to see if she wanted it back. Her landline was disconnected and when we reached her by cell phone, she said she never wanted to hear from us again, let alone retrieve her bag.

So now I have a very nice carryon bag, provided by the vagaries of circumstance. I had not packed my carryon, because I didn't own a suitable bag. Now I do and I am very thankful it came along just in time.

The other problem--what to do with my car while I'm gone--has a probable resolution, also. My manager has said that I can leave it parked in my parking spot here at work. The Flyaway terminal is only 5 minutes away, so even if I had to take a taxi, it wouldn't be nearly so expensive as parking my car for two weeks in the Flyaway park and ride lot. And I may be able to find someone to drive me from here to there, about 7:30 p.m.

Perhaps I could bring a Starbuck's coffee or iced tea as a bribe....

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