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Monday as always
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Actually, not Monday as always, come to think of it. Today was a race to assign contracts to accounts and input them by 1300 hours. I was done by noon, and my keyboard is still smoking. Only about 200 of them, but the hardest part was the analysis, not the actual input. Have to assign the right kind of contract to the right place.

Of course, it's all strings of numbers. I'm not trained specifically for keying in strings of numbers and I'm not naturally detail-oriented, so it's a question of major self-discipline to block out all distractions and focus on the task, one key stroke at a time. Our keypunch operators can input numbers, talk on the telephone, listen to their iPods and carry on a conversation--all at the same time. It's amazing.

What frustrates me is that my major skills are in conceptualization and analysis, combined with the interpersonal skills necessary for horse trading. Not at my best in data input. But if they want to pay me at my current pay level to key in contract numbers, well, that's my job. Other related duties, you know.

The afternoon was spent reviewing what I had entered, running the numbers backwards and forwards, looking for errors. Then the phone calls from the field started: "I changed my mind. Can I have the account from the other side of town instead of north of the city?" NOW you want to change? I don't think so. But I say it tactfully, of course. Not what I'm really thinking.

In a couple of days we'll start hearing from our customers. Imperative to get a good night's sleep and keep the coffee pot full.

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