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Back in Planet Cyber Again
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The cyber cafe is called Planet Cyber. $4 an hour for non-members. I've come here so often, I'm considering becoming a member, with the benefit being 9 hours for $20. The downside is that I have to get dressed and drive over here, and there are no cats for company. Another negative is that many of the keyboards are badly worn, with the space bars essentially nonfunctional. Keyboards and mice and table tops are slightly greasy--can't be helped, with so many people using them.

I'm learning, though, which are the better computers and keyboards. When I zoomed over to this one, and plunked myself down in this chair in the quiet room, the guy two seats over chuckled and said something to the effect that the one between us wasn't very good. And I said, yeah, I found that out yesterday.

On weekdays I have to stop in after work, and I've been working so much overtime and the job has been so intense, that I'm too trashed by the end of the day to do anything else but get home and fall into bed. As a result, I had 229 messages in my inbox today, many of them purporting to offer me thousands of dollars if I would just....and others proclaiming their efficacy in improving a body part I don't possess.

The delete key works wonderfully well and is effective in weeding out the trash. Then I went through the emails remaining and answered them (or not, depending on their content).

Still, though, it's not the same here as at home, with a couple of cats for company and the coffeemaker just downstairs. I can get coffee here, but it's expensive. Don't know if they have a restroom; haven't ever stayed here long enough to find out. Given the clientele, I'd be reluctant to use it unless it were an emergency.

Still hotter'n Hades out there in the sun. Come on, autumn weather; I'm ready.

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