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Bereft of Internet Access
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I can take 10 minutes or so (break time) to use the computer for personal stuff, but except for that, the only access I have is via Planet Cyber. I had thought to stop there on my way home yesterday, but I was so tired after 12 straight hours of taking phone calls and putting out fires, that I could barely see straight, let alone enjoy any time online, so why bother?

This morning started out with a visit to a client in the canyon. Somehow person A was not being at the same place at the same time as person B and much to-do was doing. So I hied myself over there in the pre-dawn dark and waited to be sure the connection was made. Everyone was happy, I'm a hero, and I got some respite from the constant phone calls--it was beautifully cool and quiet.

The rest of the day was like yesterday, crises interspersed with frustrated supervisors yelling in my ear why weren't the IT people doing their job, clients wanting to know why their requests put in this morning were not honored yesterday or even the day before, and my boss and I trying to make the impossible happen with the speed of light.

I'm off work tomorrow for a heart stress test on a treadmill and who knows what other awful procedures. I feel like saying, forget it, if the stress I get at work hasn't killed me yet, I must be in pretty good shape. But then I get these pains, and I figure it would be wise to have them checked out, just in case....

My boss is rather anxious about my being off for a day, but the reality is that the world won't come to an end because I'm not there to make sure it keeps spinning. Clients who need my help will have other resources, and most of the short-term exigencies have been dealt with. The longer-term ones can have a day to ripen further.

Then Friday, I'm back into the fray.

I'm looking for suggestions: What kind of laptop would you recommend I get? Not looking for cheap; looking for quality.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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