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When I came in this morning, the guy in charge pointed me to a computer with a decent keyboard. I told him that when I was a rich little old lady, I'd buy new keyboards for the whole place (not a very expensive generosity, since keyboards of this kind are practically free). I'm tempted to bring my own.

I also bought a membership. $20 for 9 hours, $3 per hour thereafter. I've ordered a laptop, but its delivery date is some time in October. And then there's the agony of setup...I hope (though I'm not optimistic) that connection to the wireless access in my home will be easy. It's easy enough to use once you do the initial setup. It's just that first step...watch out....

We talked about anger in our small group last night. It occurred to me that self-righteousness is a form of anger that's not often recognized. Underneath the surface holiness there are deep pools of unacknowledged rage and helplessness. So the self-righteous one turns to God to bail them out and it had better be the God of their choice and no other interpretation. If you're smart, you'll not question it.

All the better, adhere to some holy book or other and beat up everyone who does not conform. How religions can preach love thy neighbor and practice such intense violence is beyond me.

Self-righteous rage is hard to deal with, given that facade of morality and righteousness. Personally, I'd rather be somewhere far, far, away from such people. For those I do have to interact with, I feel a lot of sorrow at their anger. Imagine having to live with all that rage, 24/7.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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