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Death to Machines
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First thing this morning, after arriving at work, I killed the shredder. All I did was put an envelope into it; now it will go neither backward nor forward, and there's a piece of envelope jammed in it. Bah!

This is the same month in which I murdered two other mechanical/electrical/electronic devices. My laptop (still in mourning) and a toaster oven which I "fixed" and which proceeded to give me such a shock when I plugged it in that it knocked me back two steps. Loud crackle of sound, too.

So toaster is toast, too.

Good thing my computer isn't scheduled to arrive during September. First week in October was the date on the invoice and just as well. If it were to show up today, I probably would yield to temptation and try to set it up.

With my current (excuse the pun) success level, I'd probably fry it, as well. Or re-format the hard drive. Or some other evil happening.

Oh, yes, now that I think about September: I also drove my car into a curb at fairly high speed, up and over. I was very tired, coming home late at night after a 16-hour day, and just missed the driveway. Don't ask me how, but I backed up over the curb instead of straight into the driveway. Yes, the same driveway I've backed into for 15 years. Yes, I always back into parking spaces if at all possible. I was just very, very tired....

Cold sober, too.

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Read/Post Comments (4)

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