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Losing Track of Time
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Back and forth to the VA (19 miles each way) twice yesterday. I think yesterday was Saturday, yes?

Husband is in the ICU. Wonderful nursing. I am so impressed. Absolutely the best.

He's about the same, physically and mentally. He's fighting everything and everybody every inch of the way, even when it's to his own detriment. It's amazing that the nurses keep their calm demeanor and are soothing and supportive. Don't know how they do it.

Maybe it helps that they person they are caring for is a stranger; they can keep their perspective easier and go home at night to their own friends and family.

Today is Sunday. I was supposed to be Lay Worship Leader this morning, but husband's needs come first, and I'll be there a little after 8 a.m. (they ask for no visitors during the nurses' shift change). I can help feed him (though he fights me there, too) and talk to him saying everything's going to be ok, you're here in the VA and they're taking good care of you, etc. and so forth.

I know from personal experience how important positive talk is when you're in such a vulnerable situation. I tell him how good his blood pressure is, and I adjust the oxygen thingie back in his nostrils and describe how great the oxygen level is (monitor on finger).

They have nice music piped in (interrupted by bings and bongs of measurement equipment) and the monitor facing the patient has, instead of Traffic Court TV, pictures of waterfalls and mountain pastures and running streams. Very soothing. Everywhere else in the VA you have to listen to the braying of the newcasters or the blatting of soap operas. But not in ICU.

Today we'll find out (I hope) what the medical plans are for tomorrow. I will be there most of the day today and who knows how much tomorrow.

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