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Vacation Ahead
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We were asked to declare our plans for vacation days during the last two weeks of December.

Then, almost before the question was completed, we were reminded that the last week of December is the week our office is closed down completely, including the paid vacation day of December 31st.

Much paid work time was absorbed by people phoning home to check with family members, pulling out calendars to look at dates and days of the week, polling each other to reach a consensus (if you're not going to work that day, then neither am I).

Decisions made, everyone returned to work, only to be reminded by the data input folks that, in order to take vacation, one must have enough vacation hours banked, otherwise days off are unpaid.

Once again, all productive work came to a halt as folks searched through personal papers for check stubs (which show vacation balances), called family members, checked with payroll information online.

Much more time was absorbed by people changing their minds once they found out what others were going to do. Should I or shouldn't I? Let me call my pastor, one said, and see what the Christmas schedule will be.

This is ridiculous. It's not like winter break at the end of December is a surprise or anything. We've been having an end of the month major holiday with vacations built around it since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

For myself, I just filled out the paperwork, taking all of 5 minutes to do so, and went back to work. All of that "process" is a waste of time (really just an excuse to drop productive work and talk about vacations, parties, family, and fun). Just call me the party pooper.

I prefer to party with friends and family, off the job. I get called some unkind names for thinking that we should work when we're on paid time.

Where have I gone wrong?

Read/Post Comments (3)

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