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Easy Come, Easy Go
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Well, not exactly. I work for my money and my job is easy because I like it and I'm good at it. I wouldn't exactly say "easy come" though. It doesn't just appear in my checking account with no effort on my part. I earn my pay.

The "easy go" part? Now that may be a different thing altogether. It does seem that the medium of exchange (aka money) does go out fairly easily. For one thing, when my daughter calls, my wallet jumps out of my purse and falls open. The checkbook follows shortly thereafter.

At least the credit card remains firmly wedged in place and doesn't get loose. That drain on the resources has been stoppered.

Twice a month I pay bills. So today I sat down with my account book. Mortgage, check. Telecommunications, check. Water and power, check. Credit cards, check and check. Insurance, check. Property tax, check. Car registration, check. Car insurance, check.

Whew. All finished and just burning up those electrons getting them paid (online)--only one account required payment via paper check.

Yowza! There's money left over. How did that happen? I must be doing something right, budgetwise. The current economic climate has made me hyper aware of where the money goes, what I'm spending it on.

That's a good thing. Look at the results!

Read/Post Comments (5)

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