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Money Left Over? Hah!
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The money that was left over after all the bills were paid? Writing about it tempted the Fates and they responded by giving me a horrifyingly huge repair/service bill for my car.

Rear brakes, new battery, four tires, egad! In addition to my checking account, even my savings account is looking wan and pale. Anemic, to boot.

The upside was that I got to read a lot while waiting more than four hours for my car. Comfy chairs in the lobby and I had brought coffee and lunch with me. After three hours my body got too restless for sitting (I discovered in India that three hours is my waiting limit), so I went exploring.

Back to my seat, chatted with my neighbor, read a bit more and then my car was done. I could tell immediately upon driving it out of the lot and down the street that it was in much better shape. It really had needed all that expensive TLC. I'm glad it was the brakes and not the bearings going out.

Even got new windshield wipers--practically a guarantee that we won't get any more rain.

Back home and running up and down the stairs, putting things away, setting stuff to rights, cleaning and organizing for the coming week. Still have to make up meds and scrounge food for lunches, so time to shut down the computer and make myself look like the happy homemaker.

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