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Christmas Resolution
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Most people make resolutions to start the new year off right. Until now, I've done the same, if I've bothered with resolutions at all (you know, the usual: Create world peace, lose 100 pounds by next month, meditate for Buddhist serenity).

It occurs to me that it would make sense for me to make a Christmas resolution instead, since the only time I have that is not consumed by the frantic weekend rush to prepare for the week and the evening collapse each weekday to recharge for the following work day is this week between Christmas and the first few days of January.

Our business shuts down completely except for a handful of emergency services employees during the week between Christmas and the New Year. It was originally intended to serve as a cost-cutting measure (and still is), but it has evolved into something of a tradition.

If you want to work that inbetween week, you have to have special permission from the gods of the front office. To them you explain why the world will come to a halt if you are not at your desk. Sure.

People who have not saved up enough vacation days to take those four days as vacation (there are always the feckless few) have to take them as excused unpaid days.

My Christmas resolution is to remake my computer/reading room into a place of order and beauty. I'll have to make some hard choices about which books to keep and which to pass on to other readers. I'll have to get rid of the two defunct printers. Oh, my. As I look around me, I can see that there is easily a week's worth of sorting and cleaning and refurbishing ahead of me.

One sub paragraph in my resolution: Leave time for reading. This is the one time of year that I can devote two hours at a stretch to a good book, and I want to take advantage of it. Cup of coffee at my elbow, cat on lap....

Hoping my SO stays well and doesn't have another weeklong medical emergency. If ever you've wished me well, wish this for me, too. Thanks.

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