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Women's clothing is made without pockets for that slim, sleek look. Bah, humbug. "No pockets" means that a woman has to carry a bag of some sort.

The lack of pockets in women's clothing has been a burr under my saddle for many years now. It makes women more helpless, you know, if they have to occupy those wonderful grasping, manipulating appendages known as hands with purses. In earlier years they would have had gloves and prayer books in addition, to ensure that women's hands were not getting into trouble.

Several years ago I donated all my pants without pockets to the Salvation Army, saving one pair of old softies for hanging around the house. So the pockets add an eighth of an inch to my circumference; so what. I really like to put wallet and keys in pockets, glasses on face (having no shirt pockets for glasses) and hang cellphone on pants waistband and away I go.

I carry a purse when I am going to need other stuff, like hand sanitizer (I'm on the road a lot), my kindle (something to read while I'm trapped waiting for someone), the other set of keys for office and church building, loop for umbrella. My appointment calendar, to keep me organized, etc.

HOWEVER, my purse is built so that I can wear it as a daypack, thus leaving my hands free. The downside is remembering to keep it with me at all times. If stuff is in my pockets, its not nearly so likely to be lost.

For several years since my trip to the Salvation Army, I have not bought pocketless pants. Or jackets, either. Yes, believe it or not, many women's jackets have no pockets. Incredible.

Women's hands, like men's, should be free to be used, not occupied holding stuff unnecessarily.

Hurrah for pockets!

Read/Post Comments (5)

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