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Off By One Day
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Yesterday I went to the bank to get cash from my account. Though I handed my account number to the teller, he tried to say there wasn't enough money in the account, because he was looking at my husband's account. I relieved him of his burden of error, pocketed my cash, and went on my way.

Then this morning I see the following horoscope advice (from a European source):

Don't take your bank or portfolio statement at face value today, Sarah, as financial errors are likely. It could be that someone wants you to see things according to his view of things, which may not be based on the facts. Check and double-check any important figures that cross your desk. You are the only one whom you can trust to truly work in your own best interests. It's time to put your good mind to use and start working on your own behalf.

Well, it was off by a day. Unless there's going to be some more sleight of hand when the plumber presents me with his bill later today...I really dislike dealing with money, financial practices, budgeting, etc.

One thing I liked about living in India as a Peace Corps Volunteer was that I hardly ever handled money. I tutored children and taught English as a Second Language to adults. (Also was involved in several things that could be grouped together as "Community Development".)

In exchange, I had a place to live (a converted cow byre) and food (rice and dal). My only cash outlay items were candles (to provide light for reading at night or during the monsoon) and books (to read). A pair of sandals, plus two saris (one to wear, one to wash). One single paragraph sums up my living arrangements.

Living simply is a whole different experience.

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