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Supreme Court Decision
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I'm still in shock over the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations, under the guise of being "persons", to contribute to candidates (read: buy off) as much or as little as they want. This is a realm of legalistic mumbo-jumbo that will have far-reaching consequences.

Only a lawyer would be unable to tell the difference between a flesh-and-blood person and a legalistically defined pseudo "person".

We've just given away our one person, one vote democractic ideal (not that we ever lived up to it, but it was held as an ideal). We might as well just go straight to oligarchy, do not pass go, definitely do not collect two hundred dollars. The neocons think they have won a great victory but guess who looms over us economically....

Wonder how long it will take us to become a satrapy of China or an oil-rich Arab nation? Is everyone so ignorant of the lessons of history that they have no idea of what has happened in the past? And that, given the right conditions, history repeats itself?

Talk about "activist" judges!

Read/Post Comments (5)

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